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Hot news - 24.04.2021

Сообщение VsezaimApara » 25 апр 2021, 00:59

Representatives of the US National Guard in California wanted to use the fighter jet to quell possible protests in March 2020. The armed forces assumed that the restriction of movement due to the spread of the coronavirus could cause discontent among residents. This was reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Four U.S. military personnel said they were awaiting instructions to train ground troops and were ordered to put the F-15C fighter jet on alert "for a possible domestic mission." Other nuances of the task were not specified. According to representatives of the National Guard, in the event of riots, they had to fly over the protesters at a minimum height.

The military noted that such instructions were not transmitted through official written orders, but orally or in text messages. "It would be a completely illegal order that would disgrace the military. Then it might seem that we are threatening civilians, " - said one of the sources of the publication.

Representatives of the publication appealed for comments to the head of the National Guard, Major General David Baldwin. His representative, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Shiroma, denied the information about the possible use of the F-15C, noting that before the protests, the Armed Forces did prepare aircraft, but fighters for this purpose were not considered.

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